What is Fast Eddie Speedwear?

We are a collective of people who not only share a need to go fast but a need to consider ‘making a difference’ – through the highest quality garments that we make for the people on and off the track that we support –  the tire marks of our journey and continuation of a motorsports legacy that we are all connected to.

Fast Eddie is driven by our people and is 100% employee and partner owned and – to this day – Fast Eddie Hakonson still authentically inspires, tireless develops and (stubbornly) approves each-and-every piece that we proudly make…let’s just say that it’s a long process, but most importantly, it’s a pure passion.

Fast Eddie is proudly Canadian but is worn across the world by people who share a love for all things that go fast.

The Gear

Every authentic Fast Eddie design has a story and gives a firm nod to moments, movements and milestones from within the history of ‘combustion culture’ that spans his lifetime. Fast Eddie is made to pay homage across motorsports platforms and eras – from sledding to street racing to the oval and the drag strip and remember contributions made from a different time. Some may call it vintage, but Fast Eddie remembers it as history.

Always stubborn and demanding of only the best garment quality, Ed still approves every design and insists on using only the best quality materials to make garments that last and are worthy of his well-earned name and reputation.  

Whether you are a motorsports enthusiast of any kind or not, through his racing, innovation, entrepreneurship or advocacy, – Fast Eddie has earned his name and now this brand of authentic automotive apparel is inspired by and purpose-built for those that love all things that go fast – on and off the track.